Q:What is Visonicom's business model?
A:Visonicom focuses on OEM/ODM.
OEM - Buyers who don’t need any hardware or software experience, or don't have enough time to develop new items for market can simply select proper models from our product range and we manufacture them with everything under their logos.
ODM - Buyers who have their certain requirements on product hardware, software and/or appearance can raise their demand. Our hardware, software and mechanics engineers will work with the cooperation between product and R&D departments and/or with counterparts. After sample approval, mass production will happen against buyers’ order.

Q: Will Visonicom sells products of his own brands?
A: Visonicom didn't and has no plan to set up its own brand or sales channels, so there were and will be no advertisements, no marketing campaigns, no promotions, or no sales channels.

Q: Where to buy Visonicom products?
A: Visonicom is a pure OEM/ODM manufacturer without own brand sales. End users can only get Visonicom products from local/regional/global ICT brands or Telco's.

Q: Are all the products shown on Visonicom website available to order?
A: Yes, but not limited to the products shown on our website.
For some new products, there may be delay in uploading, and for some reason, some items are not convenient to appear there.
For some previous products pass produced, definitely we can resume against order, though not shown online. We have been in ICT industry for over 20 years, starting from Ethernet hub, switching hub, SOHO router, WiFi adapter and router/AP/repeater (from 802.11b to latest WiFi6); from 36k modem, 56k modem, ADSL, VDSL to xPON; from GPRS/EDGE modem, 3G modem/router/MiFi, 4G/LTE modem/CPE/MiFi, to latest 5G stuff…And many consumer electronics and digital electronic products.
So, when there's demand of OEM/ODM project, please contact us without any hesitation since we can either resume previous products, or select from our product range, or develop new ones.